We have two new lovely families moving in with us this week.  One of which is making Ponchatoula their new home!  It's always exciting to see the building and city through new eyes and they are coming at just the right time...our annual Strawberry Fest is only two weeks away!

Spring has sprung at the Nehi!  Wisteria, Pink Azaleas and fragrant Pink Jasmine are making this place all buzz for our tenants, visitors, and yes...quite a number of hungry bees!
Nearly complete!  The last couple of weeks you may have noticed a crane and the team of fantastic guys from Roof Tech installing our new roof.  They have now covered the existing brick parapet wall original to the 1925 year old structure.  The place looks like a tank!  And this should continue to protect the cypress rafters unique to this building.

Also, what a view!  Not many buildings have this height in Ponchatoula, so it's always a treat to see the view of the town from this perspective.  Here, you are looking up S. 3rd St towards the Junior High School.

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    The Nehi Building changed ownership in 2007 and has since been an ongoing labor of love through renovations and re-establishing its viability in the community of Ponchatoula.  This is our story. 


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